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A Letter from Frank White on the Future of ATK

Edited by Rusty Johnson
February 15, 2011

To the ATK Community:

There have been discussions about ATK getting out of the off-road market; the answer to these discussions is NO! For the time being ATK is not active in this market because it is down some 80+%.

We will continue to support our Dirt Bike Customers with parts and service as we have for years. Lee Smith in our Service Dept bleeds off-road.

We have entered the Street Bike business and have a five year relationship with a great manufacturer in Korea (S&T) who will make many of the parts we will utilize on street motorcycles. We will be selling our motorcycles in select *Harley-Davidson Dealerships across the country. We have several top level H-D retired VP Types engaged in our business who have a proven themselves as winners.

Once the Off-Road Market improves we will be back with new products. The Street Bike business will pay for the addiction of dirt bikes like it does with most brands. We have been toying with the E-Bike market for future Police Motorcycles as well.

There is a good chance we will make some 620-700 Intimidators this next year if the dollar strengthens against the Euro. Don't be surprised if you see some new models within a year. We are never content....

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ATK Announces the 2008 Line-up
October 31, 2008

For 2008 the ATK motorcycle / quad family includes: two quads (450 VR, 450 MX), five 450 based motorcycles (Enduro, XC, MX, Motard, Dirt Tracker), and the heavy hitting 2-stroke Intimidators (620, 700). Significant changes for the 2008 450 line-up include: a Falicon crankshaft, a new bore, a new stroke, and a new cylinder. The 450's also have new fuel injection settings. For additional update information see the links next to the bikes listed below (specifications are subject to change).

Quad 450 VR Information
Quad 450 MX Information
Quad 450 MX Wheel Upgrade Offer

Enduro Information
XC Information
MX Information

Motard Information

Dirt Tracker Information

ATK 700/620 Intimidator Information

Ryan Costello Wins the National ATVA/AMA Motocross Stock Production Class on an ATK 450 ATV
September 9, 2006

After 14 grueling races throughout the country, ATK the only American made Ready to Race ATV piloted by Ryan Costello from Iowa , finished on top of the podium beating all 48 other racers riding various Asian Brands. The consistency and reliability of the ATK finishing every race entered was one of the major contributing factors to winning the Championship. According to Costello “We never tore down the Engine once during the Series. The ATK just kept running race after race which is remarkable for any production ATV”. For Final Results on the ATVA/AMA Racing Series Click: Race results

The 450 ATV MX specifications are noted on ATV 450 Specifications And can be purchased at ATK Dealers and Select Harley-Davidson Dealers Nationwide.

ATK the second oldest Motorcycle Manufacturer in the USA produces Handmade “Ready to Race” Motorcycles and ATV’s in Centerville Utah.

To Frank and the whole crew

I would just like to thank the whole crew and your friends for turning a purchase of a cycle into a whole and complete adventure. You have earned a level of user loyalty for not just your product, but the whole program. I got more out of a few days than I could have ever received just shaking her out on a few weekends by myself in Dallas. The tech help was top notch, the riding was top level and the start of friendships priceless. I can not wait to get her to Dallas. I look forward to another trip to SLC for rewarding fun!

your new ambassador in North Texas

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